We pride ourselves on innovations that not only make MasterCraft boats better, but improve your experience on the water. whether it's saving time, amplifying performance, or avoiding hassles, our industry-leading designs deliver more fun and less worries.


MasterCraft’s new stern thruster not only takes the frustration out of docking, it also adds convenience to rider pick-ups and putting your boat on the trailer. With the stern thruster control completely integrated into the rotating throttle–where the rotation direction matches the movement of the boat–MasterCraft’s system is the most intuitive in the market. MasterCraft’s leading stern thruster is available on all X, XStar and XStar S models.


MasterCraft’s DockStar Handling System gives captains a boost of confidence through increasing control of the boat’s direction in both forward and reverse. The triple rudder system gives more control over the boat than a traditional single rudder system alone. When in reverse, the DockStar rudders allow the driver to back-up in either direction, making docking in tight spaces easier than ever.


MasterCraft’s new underwater exhaust makes our boats even quieter than they already were. Underwater exhaust comes standard on our X, XStar and XStar S models and allows for substantial noise reduction in and behind the boat. Enjoy more of the good stuff—great tunes, easy conversations, fresh air, and the best waves on the planet.


The industry’s most innovative, efficient and effective ballast tank makes deploying the perfect wave on either side easier than ever. Our proprietary technology ensures crisp surf waves, no matter how your crew is positioned. The intelligent system automatically moves water from port to starboard—and back again—ensuring the ballast is always optimised on the surfer’s side. Standard on the X, XStar and XStar S models, the Switchback Ballast Tank serves up quicker, bigger, longer and cleaner waves with the largest sweet-spot in the industry.


The debut of our Z8 tower features MasterCraft’s brand-new, patent-pending technology. Our engineering team believed a manual tower should be easier and safer to lower, so they designed Hydro-Lock. With the push of a button at the top of the tower, electronic actuators engage the internal solenoids, allowing the tower to unlock and be easily lowered. When the button is released, the tower locks into place—so it can be positioned as needed, not just up or down. With Hydro-Lock technology, the Z8 is the easiest manual tower to operate in the industry.


Welcome to the coolest seats around. Our innovative CoolFeel vinyl is proven to remain up to 25% cooler to the touch than traditional vinyl when exposed to direct sunlight, keeping everyone comfortable on long summer days.


The perfect blend of form and function, MasterCraft’s new Z6, Z8 and Z10 towers not only look great on each boat model, but provide the strength, security and ease of use expected in today’s watersports-rich environments. With more options and upgrades than ever, including the ability to colour-match your towers to your boat and windshield, these towers are the industry’s most customisable towers on the market. All three towers are easily lowered and raised by a single person, and each integrates the bimini shade seamlessly. Experience one of MasterCraft’s latest innovations with the debut of the new Z8 tower, featuring patent-pending Hydro-Lock technology. With the simple push of a button, it is the easiest manual tower to operate in the industry. Or opt up to the automatic Z10 power tower to make manoeuvring your tower easier than ever. Say goodbye to bungees as MasterCraft’s Essential clamping board racks are now standard on every tower with an option to upgrade to Supreme clamping board racks to accommodate thicker boards.

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Getting behind the wheel of a MasterCraft shouldn’t be intimidating, which is why we’ve designed our dashboards to be as user-friendly as possible. With a mix of classic gauges and digital touchscreens, our dash options not only look good, but provide for foolproof, easy operation as well. Whether you’re cranking up the tunes or customising your waves with our SurfStar system, the intuitive software interface makes adjustments on the fly a breeze. Less confusion, more enjoyment.

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MasterCraft offers the most comprehensive saltwater solution in the towboat segment. Thanks to sacrificial aluminium anodes, hydraulic steering, and close-cooled motors, the robust Saltwater Package delivers unparalleled performance and convenience.


We take comfort to the next level with the most plush and spacious seating in the industry. Built-in UV protection, mildew resistors and stain resistors keep layouts looking and feeling great season after season. Adjustable seating and layout options ensure no one ever misses a moment on the water. Features like our CoolFeel vinyl and triple density foam give riders the most comfortable experience onboard.


The best boat on the water deserves the best transportation. Our trailers are made from premium quality steel with double-welded seams for strength and massive disk brakes for massive stopping power. Enjoy peace of mind from a safer ride.

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Custom for every boat

Every trailer we sell is custom designed down to the millimeter to fit the hull of your specific boat model. We do this to keep your hull pristine and secure.

A dedicated designer

MasterCraft is the only boat manufacturer in the industry to have a dedicated trailer design engineer on staff.

All new factory

In 2016, we opened a new factory dedicated to hand-building trailers. From shaping and welding to painting, each step is handled in-house.

More custom than ever

Our trailers are loaded with customisable options to make them truly your own: colours, wheels, fenders, graphics and even LED systems.

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To book your surf slot, contact or call 0845067607876 or 017720851 133