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When it comes to boats, MasterCraft provides the most complete saltwater solution. Your boat will be ready for sunrise to sunset saltwater adventures thanks to thoughtful engineering and high-quality material.



Over the past decade, MasterCraft has meticulously refined materials, vendors, and mechanics to ensure your investment is protected from the harsh environment brought on by saltwater and brackish water. From a powerful, fully closed-cooling motor system with the industry’s best warranty to sacrificial aluminium anodes, every saltwater solution has been carefully thought out, tested, and proven to deliver the quality and reliability you expect from MasterCraft.

SACRIFICIAL ANODES - MasterCraft's underwater gear uses aluminum anode bonding for optimal durability and longevity. Aluminum anodes provide better corrosion protection for underwater gear, whereas competitors use less efficient zinc anodes.

Sacrificial Anodes

MasterCraft's underwater gear uses aluminium anode bonding for optimal durability and longevity. Aluminium anodes provide better corrosion protection for underwater gear than the zinc anodes competitors use.

Electrical bonding harness

Electrical Bonding Harness

An electrical bonding harness adds additional protection to the metal components you find under the waterline.

mastercraft hydraulic steering

Hydraulic Steering

Hydraulic steering is more corrosive resistant than the stainless steel cable systems used by competitors in their saltwater offerings.

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Standard shocks are replaced by stainless steel shocks to battle corrosive saltwater and extend life in harsh saltwater environments.

mastercraft storage


MasterCraft's standard storage floor lining is replaced with an easily washable and mildew resistant rubber mesh lining when opting for the saltwater package.


Ilmor engines come standard with a convenient engine flush hookup and corrosive protection paint.

When opting for a saltwater package, the base motor will be upgraded to an Ilmor 5.3L or 6.2L GDI V8. Opt for even more power by upgrading to the Ilmor 6.2L Supercharged engine.

These engines feature an efficient, completely closed-cooling system and produce 365HP, 430HP, and 630HP respectively.

World Class Warranty

Ilmor engines have an unprecedented 7-year, 1,000-hour, factory-backed warranty—the most comprehensive in the towboat industry.

Mean and Clean

The Ilmor GDI class engine is one of the top 5-star emissions rated gasoline marine engines in the world.

Unmatched Experience

Ilmor is MasterCraft’s exclusive partner for marine engines, and has more than 30 years experience in the automotive industry.


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