Elite performance. Every time. Our speedboats are designed and manufactured with your boating needs in mind. Would you like to know how our speedboats in Torquay differ from those of our competitors? Stop by our showroom to experience it for yourself, or read on!
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Mastercraft’s wake surfing boats offer the most versatility and performance out of all the vessels accessible to pleasure seekers in Torquay and across the UK.

It’s never been easier to design your own MasterCraft speedboat. Regardless of whether you want to keep it simple or go all out. Customer satisfaction is a given with our speedboat models.

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Our wake surfing boats allow you the opportunity to really enjoy the water, thanks to their high-quality features. For instance, our speedboats can fit clamping board racks, lounge seats, and typical transom walkthroughs.

These vessels allow everyone to enjoy themselves, whether they choose to cruise in comfort or ride the waves!

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Every MasterCraft Speedboat model is built to handle any degree of adventure in style! This is thanks in part to our user friendly SurfStar system. This system allows our speedboats to be the ideal solution for both novice and experienced sailors.

Contact our team to find out more details about our world-class speedboats, which are available in Torquay and around the UK.

What Is WakeSurfing?

Wakesurfing is when you surf the waves created by a small surfboard boat. You start by being attached to a rope, and then when you have gained your balance and skills, you can let go and be free.

How Can I Design A Wakesurfing Boat?

Designing your own wake surfing boat is incredibly easy. Our design engine allows you to design every aspect of your boat. From the colours to the engine, to the accessories, you have the power. If you need any help designing your boat or would like more information regarding our options, feel free to contact our team.

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We are delighted to supply the details of our MasterCraft Wakesurf Event at our new location in Windemere Marina Village, being held from 29th - 30th June 2024

To book your surf slot, contact darren@mastercraft.co.uk or call 0845067607876 or 017720851 133

Limited slots are available so make sure to get booked in 🤙

To book your surf slot, contact darren@mastercraft.co.uk or call 0845067607876 or 017720851 133