Pick your number and surf your wave, your way. From beginner to pro, SurfStar delivers easily customisable wakes for every rider. The updated, user-friendly software allows for quick and precise adjustments to the waves for perfect wakesurfing and wakeboarding customisation, while new actuators provide increased strength with position-sensors that deliver clean, consistent riding faces at any setting. Utilising a sliding scale from 1-7, users select their preferred SurfStar setting which aligns with the new position sensors, guaranteeing you the perfect surf wake every time. The integrated wave graphic displays how setting changes will affect the wave: 1 being a longer and more mellow wake, 7 being a steeper and taller wake. The new SurfStar system builds upon the previous GEN2 system—19 patents and all—with the addition of three major components shown below.

Key Features

1. Precision

New position sensor technology delivers the ultimate in precision and accuracy for the most customised and consistent waves yet.

2. Strength

New actuators provide maximum strength and durability delivering more consistency, reliability and longevity.


Our new user-friendly Rapid Surf setting gets you up and surfing a premium wave using an adjustable slider and wave visualiser, while the Custom Surf setting allows you to fine-tune your wave and save your favourite wave profiles for later.



The industry’s most innovative, efficient and effective ballast tank makes deploying the perfect wave on either side easier than ever. Our proprietary technology ensures crisp surf waves, no matter how your crew is positioned. The intelligent system automatically moves water from port to starboard—and back again—ensuring the ballast is always optimised on the surfer’s side. With the ability to shift ballast from one side to the other without stopping, or emptying and refilling tanks, Switchback Ballast means minimising downtime and maximising ride time. Standard on the X, XStar and XStar S models, the Switchback Ballast Tank serves up quicker, bigger, longer and cleaner waves with the largest sweet spot in the industry.

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We are delighted to supply the details of our MasterCraft Wakesurf Event at our new location in Windemere Marina Village, being held from 29th - 30th June 2024

To book your surf slot, contact or call 0845067607876 or 017720851 133

Limited slots are available so make sure to get booked in 🤙

To book your surf slot, contact or call 0845067607876 or 017720851 133