MasterCraft Ski & Wake Demo Day

MasterCraft Ski & Wake Demo Day

Come and see the difference a MasterCraft boat can make. Our vessels are specifically designed to enhance your wakeboarding or water skiing experience, and we’d like to put them to the test.

For one day only, we’ll be doing a ski and wakeboard demonstration with some of our latest models. On April 15th, from 10 AM to 4 PM, we’ll be offering demos and coaching with an Olympic Team GB wakeboarder on the beautiful waters of Pine Lake at CN Watersports. 

You’ll see premier wakeboarding and surf boats like our ProStar Ski Boat and machines in the XStar series. Our watercrafts offer unparalleled wake performance and legendary precision, creating an unforgettable experience every time you leave the dock. 

To book your slot on April 15th, email Darren at

mastercraft prostar boat

ProStar Ski Boat 

Imagine gliding across the mirror-smooth surface of the water behind one of the top waterski vehicles on the market. That’s exactly the experience you can expect at our April event if you get the chance to ski behind our MasterCraft ProStar ski boat. 

This particular watercraft underwent a redesign in 2021 to solidify its reputation for unparalleled tracking and steering control. It’s perfect for novice skiers because its new bottom design and four-fin system offers enhanced handling for the flattest wakes possible. For all thrill-seekers and professional skiers, the ProStar boasts an updated command centre that comes equipped with software specially designed for competitive slalom, tricks, and jumping. 

mastercraft xstar series boat

XStar Wakeboard & Surf Boat 

Want to make waves? With one of the Mastercraft XStar series models, you can! These models were built with wakeboarders in mind, giving them total control over the landscape of the water. 

The intuitive interface built into the steering lets the driver configure adjustments for the perfect wake. For example, experienced wakeboarders can enact an override to customise the perfect wave. You can have total control over the ballast, boat speed, and even the positioning of wake-generating plates. 

Bring your friends to witness all the wakeboarding tricks! All boats in the MasterCraft XStar series are 7 metres long and can seat 16 people. There’s a reason that this model has been at the forefront of the industry for the past 25 years. Come see it in action on April 15th!  

Team GB Rider Edd Blundell 

A highlight of our event will be the special demonstration and coaching sessions from Edd Blundell, an Olympic Team GB wakeboarder. Edd has years of experience as a wakeboarding professional, and he’s a longtime friend of MasterCraft. He’ll be showing off his best tricks, all in the wake of one of our top-of-the-line models. 

Get the MasterCraft Experience 

Don’t miss an opportunity to see Olympic-level manoeuvres in the epic wakes of our latest Mastercraft models. Book your slot from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on April 15th at CN Watersports, next to the Pine Lake Resort in Warton, Carnforth. 

To make sure you get a front-row seat to witness the best boats for the 2023 season, email Darren at

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