The Latest MasterCraft Technology in the UK

Summer is a time for freedom, making memories, and enjoying the sun. There’s no better way to make a summer epic than to spend it cruising across the water in a MasterCraft.
Our boats offer premium experiences for wakeboarders and waterskiers across the UK. For the 2023 summer season, we’ve completely outdone ourselves. We offer new features with more comfort, more features, more wave options, and unparalleled performance and reliability.
MasterCraft is constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver moments that make life extraordinary. See what's new for 2023 and experience summer, better.


MasterCraft is taking boating into the future. We now offer telematics capabilities on all 2023 models. This GPS technology uses on-board diagnostics to monitor the boat’s movement on a computerised map. Simply download the new MasterCraft Connect app on your phone to connect your phone to the diagnostic system. 

With our app, you can remotely check on your boat, find any friends on the water, track sporting activities behind the boat like wakeboarding or water skiing, or locate nearby food and fuel spots. The Mastercraft Connect app provides a superior boating experience with an intuitive interface and informative content.

With the brand new for 2023 MasterCraft Connect app and standard telematic features on all 2023 models, you can spend less time getting ready for the day and more time on the water.


Need a little help easing into the water this summer? Brand new for 2023, the MasterCraft team has engineered an optional swimstep that’s easily locked into place, so you and your family can dip in and out of the water easily. 

The flip-down swimstep turns your MasterCraft boat into an island oasis, with guests stepping into the water and climbing back up into the boat with ease to grab a beverage or sunbathe. When you’re done swimming, simply flip the Swimstep back into place, and you can jet off to your next location. The step will stay in place until you reach your next destination, and then it can be flipped back down.

The Flip-Down Swimstep is available on the NXT21 through the NXT24, plus the XT, X, and XStar families.

Canvas Upgrades

MasterCraft has an impressive reputation in the boating industry. These boats have speed, handling, luxury components, and, most importantly, the most board storage you can have on a boat.

We know how important wakeboarding is for our customers. So, new for 2023, we’ve added standard clamping board racks and redesigned biminis with surf sleeves. MasterCraft is the only brand that offers bow, aft, and side shade options in addition to our seamlessly integrated and simple-to-use biminis that can hold up to six boards.

With all the canvas upgrades, a 2023 Mastercraft can potentially hold up to 10 boards! 

Power Helm Seat

New for 2023, you can now upgrade your regular captain’s seat to a power helm seat. This new seat conveniently dials in the angle of your captain’s chair with just the push of a button, allowing you to have total control and comfort as you sail across the water. 

Lean back for a more relaxing ride, or bring the power helm seat back up if you need more support as your boat reaches top speeds. However you like to enjoy your summer better, the power helm seat can accommodate it. This luxury upgrade is available on the X and XStar families of MasterCraft boats.

Pop-Up Ski Pylon

MasterCraft boats are extremely popular among water skiers all over the UK. We’ve made all-new design changes for 2023 to provide our customers with the best accessories for their favourite water sports activities.  

With this in mind, we’ve designed a conveniently located, all-new pop-up pylon that’s ready to hit the water whenever you are! Even though the pylon is retractable, it doesn’t sacrifice strength and security. Our ski pylon is incredibly sturdy and can handle even the most rigorous waterskiing as you cut up the waves behind the boat. The brand new pop-up ski pylon is available for all MasterCraft models. 

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