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MasterCraft has been making summers better for more than 55 years. MasterCraft’s commitment to behind-the-boat perfection is demonstrated by the fact that we are the only organisation to win an innovation award for a surf system. MasterCraft provides everything from the world’s flattest ski wakes to the best surf waves, perfect for wakeboarding and waterskiing.


Take control of the waves with Surfstar. At just the touch of a button, MasterCraft wakeboarders can adjust every aspect of the surf to catch the perfect wave.

We revolutionised wakeboarding back in 2010, when we became the first company to invent customisable surf. In the past decade, we’ve honed our skills to perfect this technology. 

With Surfstar, you can customise your wave so you’re not compromising fun. 

This incredible technology can adjust wake height, length, size, and push with pinpoint accuracy and offers thousands of wave variations. Surfstar offers a completely customisable wakeboarding experience. So get out there, hit the waves, and wakeboard your way with Surfstar and MasterCraft. 


While Custom Surf settings allow you to fine-tune your wave to your liking and save your favourite wave profiles for later, Rapid Surf settings get you up and wakeboarding on a premium wave using an adjustable slider and wave visualizer.


With position sensors that increase consistency, dependability, and longevity in any environment, MasterCraft actuators offer the highest levels of strength and durability. This is perfect for wakeboarding, no matter your skill level. 


very aspect of the SurfStar system, from the hull to the software, is customised for each boat in the MasterCraft lineup. Thanks to individual hull designs and distinct ballast configurations, we’re able to deliver the most customizable and consistent waves yet.

Rapid Surf

Our system is designed for wakeboarders and waterskiers at any level. MasterCraft boat owners can choose their preferred SurfStar setting using a sliding scale from 1 to 7, which coordinates with position sensors and ensures the ideal surf wave every time.

The integrated wave graphic shows how changing the setting will impact the wave, with 1 representing a longer, mellower wake and 7 representing a steeper, taller wake.

Custom Surf

For complete control over speed, ballast, and tab position, switch to the Custom Surf interface if you want to further customise your waves.

Wakeboarders and waterskiers can save up to 30 profiles, allowing them to instantly create their ideal wave.

See SurfStar in Action


Find more choices for the best wakeboarding and water skiing experience:


The optional FastFill makes getting on the water almost three times quicker. FastFill can fill and empty ballast tanks at a rate of about 30 gallons per minute in about four minutes. This option is available on all MasterCraft XT, X, and XStar models.


The patented Switchback Ballast Tank by MasterCraft, which is standard on all X and XStar models, automatically shifts ballast to optimise symmetry and shape for the ideal wave every time.


The ProStar continues to uphold its reputation for producing the flattest wakes in the business at any line length and any speed with the least amount of spray. Skiers and wakeboarders of all ages, skill levels, and disciplines can enjoy the best behind-the-boat experience on the ProStar thanks to a refined hull and exclusive hull rails.


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