MasterCraft Presents: Wakesurf Windermere Surf Event 2023

MasterCraft Presents: Wakesurf Windermere Surf Event 2023

Join MasterCraft for the Wakesurf Windermere surf event on July 15 and 16 on Lake Windermere!

This year, MasterCraft UK will highlight the newest boats for the season, and we have something special to offer. These MasterCraft boats are ideal for the Wakesurf Windermere event because they were created with wakesurf riders in mind.

Each boat has a strong engine, a sophisticated ballast system, and a cutting-edge hull design. Together, these elements produce the ideal wave for wakeboarding. MasterCraft is known for creating some of the best wakeboard boats in the world. Our boats offer top-of-the-line features, including SurfStar, the wave creation system that puts the power of the water at your fingertips.

You can design custom waves that fit your style and skill level thanks to the system’s cutting-edge technology. You can wakesurf behind our renowned boats, which are exclusively outfitted with the SurfStar system, at Wakesurf Windermere by scheduling a surf slot with MasterCraft.

SurfStar: Waves at the Touch of a Button 

With the SurfStar system, you have complete control over the water. The system will produce the ideal wave using its top-of-the-line position sensors. Just select a number on the updated, user-friendly software and the system will customise the wake behind the boat.

You can use the SurfStar sliding scale to test your abilities at various levels. Slide the settings down to 1 for a gentler experience, or choose level 7 for a difficult and steep wake. You will be creating waves literally (and figuratively) with a MasterCraft boat and SurfStar system! 

Wakesurfing has become increasingly popular over the years. Regardless of age or skill level, anyone can participate in this exciting and fun water sport. You can enjoy the thrill of water surfing with the right gear and some practice.

The Wakesurf Windermere event is a great chance to find out more about wakesurfing, give it a try, and connect with other surfers. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner wakesurfer, anyone is welcome to attend the event.

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Join MasterCraft on Lake Windermere

This event will be held in the stunning Lake Windermere. Windermere, the biggest natural lake in England, is situated in the lush mountains and waters of the Lake District.

The lake is a well-liked tourist destination because it is surrounded by stunning scenery. For anyone who enjoys water sports or wants to discover the excitement of wakesurfing, the Wakesurf Windermere event is a must-attend.

You can make custom waves and advance your surfing abilities with MasterCraft’s cutting-edge boats and SurfStar system. Wakesurf Windermere offers the exhilarating thrills of MasterCraft and SurfStar so book your slot today!

You can reserve a surf slot by emailing Darren at We hope to see you out on the water, so reserve your surf time today!

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We are delighted to supply the details of our MasterCraft Wakesurf Event at our new location in Windemere Marina Village, being held from 29th - 30th June 2024

To book your surf slot, contact or call 0845067607876 or 017720851 133

Limited slots are available so make sure to get booked in 🤙

To book your surf slot, contact or call 0845067607876 or 017720851 133