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Wakeboard UK Groms Nationals 2009


Saturday 18th July 2009 hosts the UK's premier junior wakeboard competition, the 2009 UK Groms Nationals.

The UK Groms Nationals provide the chance for younger UK riders to compete to become the official UK Champion in a number of divisions. This year Wakeboard UK are pleased to announce the new Team Division as an additional competition division.


To enter download the application form and rules below and follow the instructions contained in the application form.


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The venue for the UK Groms National Championships is the West Midlands Water Ski Center, Tamworth Road, Cliff, Warwickshire, B78 2DL


The divisions for the competition are as follows:
  • Groms 9 & younger
  • Girls 10-15
  • Boys 10;15
  • Junior Men 15 -18
  • Junior Women 15-18
  • Wakeskate (all ages)
  • Groms Team Division

Groms Team Division

New for 2009, the Groms Team Division allows teams to compete for the title of National Groms Team Champion.

Prior to the competition starting teams are invited to submit themselves from clubs or sponsors.

Teams register riders into a number of divisions and then collect points due to placement in the divisions.

Teams are limited to one rider per division, with a maximum of 5 riders in total.

Eg. A sample team:
1.rider in Groms
1.rider in Girls
1.rider in Boys
1.rider in Jr Women
1.rider in Jr Men

Placement Points
1st place 100 points
2nd place 80 points
3rd place 65 points
4th place 55 points
5th place 45 points
6th place 35 points
7th place 30 points
8th place 25 points
9th place 20 points
10th place 17 points
11th place 14 points
12th place 11 points
13th place 8 points
14th place 6 points
15th place 5 points
16th place 4 points
17th place 3 points
18th place 2 points
19th place 1 point
20th place and all subsequent riders receive 1 point each.

For further info contact Graham Creedy.

Entry Form

Entry Forms can be downloaded in pdf and word format below:


Saturday 18th July 2009 @ West Midlands Waterski Centre

08.00 Registration
09.00 Event Open - Qualification
09.00 Groms
10.00 Boys
11.00 Girls
12.00 Jr Women
13.00 Jr Men

14.00 Groms
15.00 Boys
16.00 Girls
17.00 Jr Women
18.00 Jr Men



Available onsite, camping pitches are charged for at £6/two man tent, £8.00 for a larger tent and £10 per caravan or motorhome per night.


Directions: See the West Midland Waterski Website for details.


Photos of the event will be posted with results as soon as we have them, check our photo gallery for the 2008 event photos.

We look forward to seeing you at the comp!