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Kneeboard UK secure Brand new Tour Boat Sponsorship

Kneeboard UK have once again secured a great sponsorship deal with MasterCraft Boats UK through Wake and Ski Boats UK.

Having been linked with MasterCraft Boats for over 20 years. This year sees the arrival of a new tour boat. The new MasterCraft X-7 has hit the shores of the UK and is raring to go, with fully loaded features and the amazing Ilmor powerhouse. This boat will be providing the pull at all the UK Kneeboard stops including the Nationals.

Kneeboard UK committee chairman Mark Garnett commented ' The MasterCraft X-7 is the only choice for the Kneeboard tour, with its fully 5 event approved hull, it's the only boat available capable of providing all the wakes required for the slalom event and tricks across all the divisions, we are delighted to re affirm an association with this amazing brand'

Simon Waring, Managing Director at Wake and Ski Boats UK confirmed 'MasterCraft have offered long standing support to the Kneeboard UK tour over the years, this deal cements that future for the forthcoming years and we look forward to working very closely with the committee to continue to grow awareness of the sport across the UK.'

Simon who also attends all Kneeboard events also confirmed that the boat will return with top international drivers and support crew Brian Rook and Michael Clarke.

We also have the exclusive news that August 3rd / 4th will see the return of the International Kneeboard Rider Cup, this event held at the White Rose Ski Club, Brighouse will see the UK Kneeboard team compete with riders from the USA, Australia, and France to be crowned Team of the World!!! MasterCrafts presence at this event will be stepped up including the use of a dedicated V Drive board sports boat for the massive tricks freestyle event, demos throughout the weekend and a great party to boot!!!

So for more details on the Kneeboard tour, or the Rider Cup please contact Mark Garnett on 07788 573350 or Simon Waring on 01937 842791 you can check out the facebook site - uk kneeboarding and also www.kneeboarding-uk.com or www.wakeandskiboats.co.uk for more info!!