The X35 delivers a velvety smooth ride wherever you point it. Combine its big water capability with the coveted Ilmor V-8 powerblock and you have a weapon of mass propulsion.


Boat length 23'5" / 7.14 M
Width amidship 102" / 2.59M
Weight 4775 LBS / 2,166 KG
Fuel capacity 61 G / 231 L


COMMAND CENTER With the deepest deadrise of the entire MasterCraft line, the view from the captain’s chair is impressive. Servo-driven performance gauges and state-of-the-art Murphy digital displays provide all the necessary intel for the mission.

PICKLE FORK BOW The super wide picklefork bow features an amazingly comfortable double lounger.

MARINE LAIR Nearly twenty four feet long with an exceptionally deep V-hull grants you nearly limitless capacity for more people, storage, sessions and stories.

CONVERTIBLE PASSENGER SEAT Seat facing foward "like a boss." Or, reconfigure the co-pilot's seating layout to spark conversations, get cozy or stretch out like a boss.